How to import eBooks to Apple Books step by step using a Mac

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You may have some eBooks on your Mac and you don’t know how to get them to the Apple Books service. The truth is that the process is much simpler than you might think, and obviously it becomes an excellent help so that you don’t lose a collection of titles that you may have had a hard time getting together. We tell you how to do this without complications. When downloading books from Apple Books things are very simple: they appear directly in the library, without you having to do anything. But, in the case we are talking about, you must resort to a manual process that, although it is not so comfortable, does allow you to obtain very good results as long as the file format is compatible. The fact is that, if you bought an eBook from a store that is not the Cupertino company’s own, you will have to do what we are going to indicate. The process for uploading books to Apple Books with a Mac The steps are quite intuitive and you don’t have to use any unofficial software, so there is no danger to your computer or to your account with the Apple Books service. What are we talking about. Of course, you should have access to Apple Books on your Mac, which is free and won’t be hard to get (if you don’t already have it). Lego, do the following: Open the option we are talking about on the computer in the usual way, this will make you see the user interface that is the usual one in Apple products. Then, you have to click on the File menu that is in the top menu bar and, then, a drop-down appears in which there are different options that you can use. In the case that it does not occupy, the one that interests you is Import. Select it. You will then see a new pop-up window on the desktop (or Finder) and, in it, you have to choose the e-books that you want to transfer to the service we are talking about. You can select or choose multiple options to complete a batch process. Once you have this done, hit the Import button and the process will begin. You have finished and you only have to wait. As you can see, simplicity is the predominant note, and the truth is that Apple has hit the nail on the head regarding the process to follow to download electronic books from a Mac to Books. Obviously, you can repeat the process as many times as you need. >

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