How to identify plants only with the camera of your iPhone?

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1653648521 1366 2000.jpeg

The arrival of the iOS 15.4 update released in mid-March brought with it many particular news. The iPhone update is full of things to highlight for users, somewhat thought out, regarding the new normal after the pandemic.

News such as Face ID with a mask or some other facility in terms of proof of vaccination and even some emoticons. Of course, you can’t forget any other changes to be seen in the camera, since there is important information to recover from this update.

One of the excellent features that the iOS 15.4 update also includes is Live Text, an essential tool that becomes more relevant due to its functionality. Well yes you already have this update integrated, You will be able to clearly identify the name and information of the plants you take pictures of.

This function immediately makes it easy to search on the spot, due to integrated image recognition and neural engine. So if you are fond of any kind of nature or curious about it, you can quickly know the information you want directly with your iPhone.

Recognize only with the camera of your iPhone

The integrated image recognition function works so that any user can identify the plants they want just by pressing the grabber of their camera. After that, You will be able to access the information regarding the plant you took in the photograph itself.

  • Once you have taken the photo, you will access the image or search for it within your gallery.
  • you will swipe up to display the photo information. You can also touch directly over the ā€œiā€ icon.
  • Once there, in part of the displayed tab you will find the section ā€œConsultā€ where it will identify the name and information of the plant taken.
  • The plant information will be displayed in the form of a small card with Wikipedia database, as well as more illustrative images regarding the photograph you took.

It should be noted that this function is built into all devices with iOS 15.4, so you can absolutely enjoy all the pictures of plants you have ever taken. Clearly, all fans of this field, as well as those curious about the subject, will thank Apple for this new mechanism to enjoy its discoveries even more.