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How to hide the “is writing …” of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp can be a very “sneaky” application and provide a lot of information about you that you may not want to know, unless you configure it properly.

In the past, we have told you how to hide the time of the last WhatsApp connection, how to prevent read confirmations from appearing – the traditional “double check” – and even how to put your name blank in WhatsApp. Today we are going to focus on another fundamental aspect: how to ensure that the typical phrase of “you are Writing …” is not displayed when we are responding to a message.

If you do not want the text of “is writing …” to be seen in your WhatsApp, you have several options and we are going to tell you about them in this article: on the one hand, you can use the “airplane mode”, while on the other, it will be enough to that you use an external application to configure your WhatsApp application and that the “is typing …” is not displayed

-Using the «Airplane Mode»

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If you want to write a message on WhatsApp and your interlocutor does not see that “you are writing …” the easiest option is to use the so-called “Airplane mode”. This will disconnect all the networks of the mobile phone, so you can write your message calmly, using as much time as you want, and the receiver will not know that you are writing.

This helps you to carry out any action on your mobile that you want others not to know about. The steps in this case would be the following:

-Access the WhatsApp chat in which you want to write without being seen as “writing …”

-Once inside, activate “Airplane Mode” on your mobile phone.

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-Go back to WhatsApp, write the message you want and send it.

-Quit WhatsApp and disconnect airplane mode. This way, the message will be sent at that moment and the receiver will not have seen the “writing …” message.

-Using the Flychat app

If you are an Android mobile phone user, you have another option besides using “Airplane Mode” and that is to use the Flychat app (available on the Google Play Store). This application is a kind of “window” that allows you to enter an application and perform actions in it without actually being in it.

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Thus, when installing it, you could enter WhatsApp and write a message from Flychat and not see that you are writing. Then you just have to send it and that’s it.

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