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How to hide the applications you use on the Windows 11 taskbar

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Surely on more than one occasion the windows 11 Taskbar is filled with icons because you have a large number of applications open. And this makes you much less productive and also looks really bad. We tell you how to solve this without having to restrict the apps you use at the same time on your computer. Unfortunately, in Windows 11 there is no tool to hide what you don’t need to see. Therefore, the only possible solution by default is computer what you see… for which you have to close and open applications specifically. But luckily, there is a completely safe third-party application that turns the taskbar into a nearly indecipherable hodgepodge of icons. It’s called Taskbar Hide and it can be obtained at this link for free. A fantastic application for Windows 11 This development is an excellent option to keep everything well organized, and allows you to make a selective choice of the applications that you do not want to be displayed on the taskbar, even if the app in question is open (it is even possible to do this with windows). Therefore, it is a good use option that you should value positively. This is what you have to do to use it: Once you download and install the application regularly, do not be afraid, since it is completely safe, you must double-click the icon that represents it in the Start Menu with the mouse .Now, open some applications and windows so you can see how it works. You will see that all this appears on the main screen of the app we are talking about. Select the options that you want to no longer be displayed on the taskbar using the mouse pointer. Now use the Application Menu and locate an option that makes it possible to hide the app (it is called Hide selected application window) . The action is executed automatically, and you can check if it’s effective… which it should be. You’re done, and obviously you can repeat the action as many times as you need, since there’s no restriction on it. As you can see, and despite the fact that the application we are talking about for Windows 11 is in English, everything is quite easy to do. Also, if at any time you want to reverse the executed action… you simply have to follow the previous steps, but selecting the function in the Menu that allows you to show the application or window on the taskbar. >

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