How to hide notifications on the iPhone screen

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Mobile devices allow notifications, alerts and notifications to be displayed on the screen in different formats, so that it is not necessary to unlock the smartphone to know them, but this can have a significant drawback, as can also be accessible to other people Or you simply prefer not to be besieged by a multitude of email notifications or WhatsApp messages that arrive in incessant succession at any given moment. To avoid these annoyances or these indiscretions iOS allows remove the appearance of notifications on the iPhone locked screen.

Notifications can appear on the lock screen in various formats

It should be remembered first of all that iOS facilitates different ways to notify alerts or the input of messages, assigning different formats to the notification itself in terms of the way it appears on the screen, the user being able to select whether it disappears after a few seconds or remains fixed, in addition to whether the notification is associated with any sound and / or vibration, Regarding the way of displaying them, there is the option of strips in different parts of the screen and with different sizes. But if you want to do without notifications, there are two formulas to achieve it

First of all, to interrupt notifications at a specific time, you have to start from the locked screen itself on iPhone when notifications appear. When you slide them to the left, an option appears that allows you to manage them, choosing the option to silence them. With this, the notifications will be collected at the Notification Center but they will no longer be displayed on the lock screen, so no alerts or vibrations will sound or any notification after this action will appear on the screen. Of course, this will only work for the specific app whose notification has been handled, therefore the procedure will have to be repeated if a notification comes from any other application from which you do not want to receive notifications.

Another alternative would be to unlock the terminal and Access the Notifications section in the Settings menu, where you would have to access the apps one by one to adjust the type of desired notification (and you can also deactivate them), bearing in mind that there is a specific option to selectively allow for the desired app (s) that the notification occurs by appearing while the screen is locked.

Finally, and taking into account that if notifications are not received, there are messages or alerts that may go unnoticed by the user, it must be remembered that in its latest iOS update it includes a summary of notifications that classifies and structures them according to their relevance. .