How to hide notification bar icons on your OnePlus

how to hide notification bar icons on your oneplus

OnePlus has one of the cleanest customization layers on the market, but at the same time, it’s not lacking in customization. Among your options we find that of hide icons in notification bar, in case you do not want the icon of Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, Do Not Disturb and others to appear.

We are going to show you how to configure this option, so that you can have the status bar to your liking and clean of unnecessary icons. You just have to have your OnePlus updated, in our case we have used a OnePlus Nord updated to Android 11.

Hide notification bar icons


Let’s see how you can hide the status bar icons on your OnePlus. This is a default OxygenOS option, so you will find it, something hidden, within the settings menu. To ensure compatibility, we recommend that you use a OnePlus updated to the latest version.

All you have to do is go to the following route to hide the icons in the notification bar.

Status bar
  • Open your OnePlus settings
  • Go to ‘Display’
  • Now go to ‘Status Bar’
  • Click on ‘icon manager’
  • Choose the icons you want

Thus, we will permanently hide the icons that we have selected, since we are giving the system the order not to show them again until a new order. This means that, if you activate Bluetooth and have deactivated the icon, it will not appear, and so on with the rest of the actions on your phone.

This trick is quite useful for leave the notification bar somewhat cleaner, since if we have it all active we will have a good amount of icons in it.