How to have more memory on your mobile without paying more: WhatsApp and Google Photos tricks to achieve more space

To use this function you have to open Google Photos, click on the avatar in the upper right corner and select the Free up Space option. At the bottom of the screen a button will be displayed with the text “Free up X GB of data” where X is the amount of space that we are going to gain.

It is important to know that if you want to view any of the photos that have been uploaded It will be necessary to have an Internet connection. If you want to download a video or photo from time to time, it is also possible to do so from the application itself.

In April of this year Google announced a new feature for the Google Play Store intended to help those who had little space available on their mobile. It was about Application Archiving. With this feature you could keep applications installed on your mobile that are not used much, but that you do not want to delete.

This feature can be activated in the Play Store at Settings -> General -> Automatically archive apps. The system will detect which apps have not been used for a long time and will archive them. When we want to use them again we will simply have to click on its icon and the necessary plugins will be downloaded.

To these three options you can add other more aggressive ones, such as uninstall applications that we never use or not use games that fill several GB of our terminal, if it is an option not to use them. You can also use light versions of the apps, such as those from Google, which bear the surname Go.

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What doesn’t help, and isn’t necessary to do, is deleting things like contacts from your phonebook, text messages within apps like WhatsApp, etc. All these elements take up practically nothing, and eliminating them is not going to help solve a space problem on the mobile.