How to have a completely personal profile on Google TV

1633975606 profilesgoogletv.jpg
1633975606 profilesgoogletv.jpg

It has taken its time, despite being one of the greatest demands of users, but user profiles are already beginning to arrive on Google TV, the evolution of the multimedia entertainment experience of Android TV.

The idea, as in many other platforms, is that each user has their personal space where they can have their watchlist, their viewing history, personalized recommendations, and more, without forgetting also access to the Google Assistant, independently.

As Google indicates in its statement, Each user’s profile will be linked to their own Google account, so all tastes, preferences, content views and other aspects will be separated from the rest of the profiles that have also been created.n.

And if there are also children in the home, there are no problems, since Google TV also includes the possibility of creating profiles for the little ones with the consequent parental controls.

For Google, the creation of new profiles is quite simple, and once you have one you will no longer have to start from scratch, where “downloaded applications and application login data will be used in all profiles, for so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you set up a new profile. »

User profiles will begin to reach Chromecasts with Google TV and TV models with Google TV from Sony and TCL globally(Will it be available on future Realme sticks? We don’t know yet).

Secondly, the Environmental Mode will begin to have a series of information cards to provide more useful information and personalized recommendations at times when the televisions are inactive, including local news, weather information, and more. Users will also be able to play music and podcasts.

The downside is that the new cards are beginning to arrive in the United States, while the rest of the world will have to settle for the Google Photos photo pass and the illustration pass.

And also in the United States, Philo is arriving as a new live television option that users in that market will be able to enjoy, joining YouTube TV and SLING TV. In any case, the most relevant are the profiles, so that users will have their own spaces independent from the rest of the profiles, being linked to the respective Google accounts.

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