How to get Siri to listen to commands for longer on iPhones

How to get Siri to listen to commands for longer on iPhones
how to get siri to listen to commands for longer

How to get Siri to listen to commands for longer on iPhones

probably on some occasion Siri has stopped listening on iPhone faster than desirable and you have not been able to start the voice command you had in mind. This is a pretty annoying thing when it happens. But luckily there is a way fix it using the tools you have on the phone.

A feature in the Settings app on Apple smartphones allows you to change the pause time for Siri to stop listening. In this way, it is achieved make the virtual assistant wait patiently for a longer time. We explain how you can enable and use this function on your iPhone to make it much more efficient than the voice assistant offered by the company with the bitten apple.

This is how you increase the listening time of Siri on the iPhone

Siri Pause Time is an accessibility feature that Apple offers in its operating system for iPhones. introduced it along with iOS 16, so make sure that your iPhone is updated with this version of the development of the Cupertino company. Once you have done this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Configuration as usual in your terminal and, then, enter the section called Accessibility.
  • Scroll down and then tap Siri under General on the screen you’re viewing on your iPhone.
iPhone phone with active Siri

  • Locate the Siri Pause Time option and, among the options that can be chosen, use the one that best suits your needs (we recommend that it be Long or Very Long).
  • You have finished and the problem you have will have been solved (obviously, you can modify the choice you have made at any time you consider appropriate).
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A trick that can be very useful

If you tend to activate Siri using the side button instead of using your voice, this tip is for you. Apple Assistant listens to your voice commands as long as you hold down the side button, no matter how many times you pause or stop between your sentences. Thus, whenever you activate this option by pressing the side button, do not release it until you have finished speaking and, thus, you will not have the problem that we are talking about in this article.

By the way, on an iPhone with a physical home buttonif it is the model you have, you must press and hold this instead of the aforementioned side button until you have finished speaking to make Siri listen longer for the commands you want it to execute.