How to get information from an APK before installing it on your mobile

apk analyzer.jpg
apk analyzer.jpg

Although there are reliable stores for Android beyond Google Play, we always have to be extra careful with the APKs that we install on the mobile.

And for this, we have to resort to some tools to provide us with information about the APK files before installing them on our device.

How to obtain information about APK files and apps installed on your mobile

There are many online services and mobile applications that can help us to know the details of an APK file before we make the mistake of installing it on our device without taking precautions. And one of the alternatives is APK Analyzer.

This application for Android has a double objective. On the one hand, it allows us to analyze all the applications that we have installed on our mobile and obtain relevant information. For instance:

-Application name and version data
-Minimal and target Android versions
-Installation and update dates
-Certificate and application signing data
-Used permits with description
-Activities with launch option
-Services, broadcast receivers and content providers
-Necessary and optional hardware features

So if you have problems on your mobile and want to know if any of the installed apps may be suspicious of a malfunction, you can take a look at the information provided by APK Analyzer. You just have to open the app, and you will see that it shows you the entire list of applications installed on your mobile.

One detail to keep in mind is that the data it shows you will not understand unless you are a developer or have some kind of related knowledge. But you can use some help that the app offers. Just click on the data it provides to show the explanation.

And on the other hand, APK Analyzer also allows you to obtain information about the APK files that you have downloaded on your mobile. Before installing them, you can use the app to find out what type of permissions it will request, what they mean, certificates, etc.

In this case, you will have to use the floating button, which you will find when you open the app, to allow you to search for the APK on your device. You will see that it shows you all the information in different sections, so you will have to scroll between the tabs to see the content that you are interested in knowing about the APK file.