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How to get free envelopes for the Qatar World Cup 2022 virtual album

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There is less and less to go before the great qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup begins, and as has been a custom for a few World Cups, in this new edition You can also fill out an online version of the official album of the competition.

In fact, this has been available for a few days, so it is already possible that you can fill it little by little. Now, if you already know what it is to fill a Virtual album of one of the previous world championships, you must remember that the promotional codes they can help you get more envelopes to fill the album faster.

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Every day you are given a couple of free envelopes to fill up your album, yes, but with these people lately usually take a long time to complete it. Fortunately, the process can be sped up if you opt to use codes that give you extra packs to open alongside the free dailies.

With that said, let’s get to know what are some of the few promotional codes that are known today, so pay attention:

– fifa2022play
– playfifa2022
– coke
– fake credit
– igotigotneed
– p005018662164

Taking into account that this virtual album did not come out long ago, it is to be expected that as the days go by, FIFA and Panini (official sponsor of the competition) take out new promo codes to get more packs.

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What to do to redeem promotional codes for extra packs

World Cup Card Album Boosters

Leaving the codes themselves, the thing now is to teach you how to exchange them for those extra envelopes. This is a very simple thing to do and you only need to enter the official Qatar World Cup 2022 album website. In case you have not created your album, first do it following the steps that the site indicates to you.

Once you are located on the initial screen, click on the tab that indicates Promotional code and proceeds to write the codes in question. When they proceed to give you the envelopes with all the stickers, you can open them and fill your album calmly, although You must not forget that you can only open a maximum of 4 envelopes per day.

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