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How to get a virtual phone number on WhatsApp: steps to follow to use it on Android mobiles

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Among the requirements for using WhatsApp, in addition to having a smartphone that is compatible with the app and that practically anyone can have, a phone number is needed. If you already have your number registered in the app, don’t worry, as there is an alternative.

It is about resorting to the use of a virtual number. These are very similar to an eSIM, since they offer very similar functions, only instead of using telephone coverage, they collect data from networks. In this post we explain how to easily get a virtual number that you can use in many situations, including WhatsApp registration.

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Register and obtain a virtual number

A virtual number can be obtained through different web services and applications. One that we have been using for years and that we believe is the best option is the app “eSIM number”, available on Google Play for free, although with in-app payments. And it is that, as you may have imagined, getting a virtual number is not free. Not at least if you want to use a reliable and fully functional service.

eSIM Number: Virtual Number

eSIM Number: Virtual Number

  • Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
  • Developer: eSIM number
  • Download at: google play

Esim Number Registration
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Registration in the eSIM Number app

Once you have downloaded the aforementioned app on your mobile, touch register with your real phone number, the one you have in the mobile SIM. Of course, make sure you put the prefix by clicking on the flag icon on the left (the one for Spain is +34).

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Once registered you must anger Telephone numbers and choose the country from which you want to obtain a number. Although the standard is usually 4 euros per month, you can find some interesting offers. At the time of publishing this post in the section USA Special Offers there are numbers for 1 euro per month.

Virtual Number

Buying the virtual number in the eSIM Number app

Yes indeed, there are different types of subscription. Specifically, you can pay monthly, for periods of three months or for a full year. Although the latter is usually the cheapest, our recommendation is that you try any of the other two, since if you are not going to get excessive performance from the virtual number, you will save paying for the full year of service.

It can be said that the subscription will be managed through Google Play, so you must have at least one payment method selected in your account. Therefore, when you want to cancel the subscription you will have to do it this way.

Add your new virtual number to WhatsApp

whatsapp number

Once you have your virtual number with eSIM, you need to continue maintaining the application. And it is that, from its main panel, you will be able to access the classic services of any telephone number, such as sending messages or making and receiving calls. Although we remember They are services via dataso you will need an Internet connection to use them.

The WhatsApp registration method is the same as always. If you are going to use it on another mobile, you must open the app normally, enter that previously obtained virtual number and check the eSIM Number app for the verification SMS. It should be remembered here that it is also possible to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile.

Now you can enjoy The advantages of having two WhatsApp accounts. For example, to separate the content of your personal account with your work account. And all this saving you having to buy a physical SIM with an operator, also being cheaper.

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