How to generate QR codes to share any type of information?

how to generate qr codes to share any type of information
how to generate qr codes to share any type of information

We always talk about QR codes because their usefulness is tremendous to easily share information. Previously we have seen options to share Wi-Fi passwords and also web pages using this mechanism. However, you should know that it is actually possible to generate QR codes to share almost any information. This is something that is demonstrated with the service that we will present you and that will allow you to create these codes for whatever you want.

It is a web page called Flow Code, capable of producing QR codes for keys, YouTube videos and even for downloading files.

Generate QR codes to share any type of information

Networks in general were created with the purpose of sharing information and in our days, this has become very diverse. In other words, there are many alternatives for sharing information using different mechanisms and each person takes the one that is most useful for their case. The interesting thing about QR codes is that they allow you to share almost any item on the internet or in the digital world. We bring the perfect example with the Flow Code website, capable of creating them very easily and quickly.

Although it is a free service, we will need to go through the registration process to start using the tool. It should also be noted that these codes do not expire, so you will not have to make periodic updates.

When we enter the site, we see that Flow Code is capable of generating QR codes for files and almost any type of information. In that sense, you can upload the file to share or enter links from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Venmo and Google Docs. Additionally, you can also manage text messages, emails and Wi-Fi passwords.

The process is based on 3 steps that the site makes very easy due to its intuitive interface. Thus, you will have 3 columns representing each step where the first will be to choose the type of element to be converted into a QR code. In the second column you will have to paste the link of the platform or upload the file you want to share. Finally, the third will be to save and print the generated image to place it in a place where everyone can scan it.

In this way, you can easily share any type of information in a matter of seconds and for free. This will save you a lot of time sharing links or passwords in any situation.