How to generate images with Google Bard from your mobile

how to generate images with google bard from your mobile.webp.webp.webp
how to generate images with google bard from your mobile.webp.webp.webp

Google had a surprise in store for all of us who use its Artificial Intelligence tools: the AI ​​assistant, Google Bard, has been updated worldwide with Gemini Pro. Not only this, a tool that we had been waiting for a long time also won: we can finally generate any image by asking Google.

A dog riding a scooter on a street in Bombay, a cat doing nails on the Statue of Liberty and any other crazy thing we can think of: the magic of generative AI is turning wishes into reality. This feature has revolutionized creativity, too It has been creating controversy almost since it appeared. And little by little, renowned technology companies, such as Google, are joining the wave of AI. Bard levels up.

Google Bard is on par with ChatGPT on Bing

Google Bard Generate AI Photos

With the February update Google Bard has received a new language model worldwide, Gemini Pro. This model promises a better understanding of commands, Bard’s creativity has increased, its power and the variety in the results. On the other hand, the assistant that is hosted in a search engine area now also generates images.

The novelty of AI-generated photos is not available worldwide: Google has decided to restrict it to the United States, something quite common in popular releases. In addition, there is another limitation to take into account: we must speak to the assistant in English. Just to ask for the images, the rest of the time it supports Spanish.

With the two premises well marked, limitation to the United States and orders in English, let’s see how Google Bard image generation can be tested anywhere in the world:

  • Open your VPN app and select a US server. We have used NordVPN, but anyone will do. As TunnelBear.
  • Load the bard page, you will see that it appears in Spanish. If you display the side menu, “United States” should appear in the lower location.
  • Write the description of the image you want to generate. The orders to create graphic content They must be in English.
  • If you don’t know how to translate what you want, you can use Google Translate or Bard himself: write the order in Spanish, ask him to translate it for you, and copy/paste the order back in English.
  • Google Bard will offer you two samples based on what you have asked for. If you are not convinced, click on “Generate more”. You can also refine the order by repeating the request with more emphasis on a detail, adding style or cutting out adjectives. A good image doesn’t usually come out the first time.

There is geographic limitation, but you can get around it with a simple VPN connected to US servers. The generation is available from both the computer and the mobile: you just have to load Google Bard in the browser and that’s it. From our tests, the level of the creations is quite high and without too many artifacts so typical of AI.

Cover image | DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT edited

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