How to free up space on your phone without having to delete any application

how to free up space on your phone without having to delete any application
how to free up space on your phone without having to delete any application

There is a very simple way to have more memory on any mobile phone without having to delete or uninstall applications or games.

The technical features of mobile phones have improved a lot in recent years, although we have a couple with certain figures that are quite stagnant. Some of the numbers that buyers look at when purchasing a terminal are not really important, such as the number of Mpx of a camera . But others are key .

One of the three reasons why it is most common to change mobile phones is related to one of those figures. In addition to screen breakage or battery wear, the most common reason for changing smartphones is running out of memory . A few years ago this was less critical as it could be expanded via microSD, but currently many mobile phones, even mid-range, come without that option.


Thus, operating system functions that allow you to free up memory without having to delete applications are welcome . In addition to the option of uploading images and photos to the Android cloud, you can also archive applications without having to uninstall them.

Archiving applications

This function has been with us since 2022 and can be used on phones with Android 12 or later version. To activate this function you have to go to the Play Store application and navigate to Settings. Within the account settings you have to go to General and then activate the option called Automatically archive applications .


What the system will do is store in the cloud the data from applications that we have installed but that we practically never use. When they are going to be used again, the system will download them and execute them, without it being necessary to enter the access data again, because they will not have been deleted.

To access the applications archived in Google Play you must open the application, press the icon in the upper right corner, select Manage apps and device and then navigate to Manage . The only thing you have to do is select the Archived filter, which appears by sliding the list of filters to the left.

This feature, as we have said, is already available for current mobile phones that have a modern version of the system, but it depends on the apps being compatible. In Android 15 this will go even further . The version of the mobile operating system to be announced this year will include a native feature for archiving applications, giving the user greater control, manual and automatic archiving options, and greater efficiency than the current Google Play Store method.


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