How to free up iCloud storage for when space is low

como liberar almacenamiento de icloud para cuando hay poco espacio.jpg
como liberar almacenamiento de icloud para cuando hay poco espacio.jpg

Regardless of the brand of the manufacturer of your mobile, it is a real headache whenever the classic warnings begin to appear that You are running out of storage space on your device.

Now, fully speaking of iPhone devices, this topic can be made even more complicated here, since Apple only offers 5 GB of free space in iCloud. So, unless you choose to pay to upgrade your iCloud account to a plan that gives you more spaceyou must be creative in order to save as much storage as possible.

Fortunately for all concerned, there are a few things you can do. to free up space in your iCloud account and keep your iPhone running smoothlyso pay attention because in the next lines we will be explaining them to you.

Delete unnecessary files

The first step to freeing up storage space in iCloud is to delete files you don’t need. This includes photos, videos, emails, and other types of files. that may be taking up space in your iCloud account.

An easy way to do this is to go to the application Photos on your iPhone and delete photos and videos you no longer need. You can also go to the application Mail and delete emails that no longer serve you.

Uninstall apps you don’t use

Apps often sync their settings to iCloud, both as a backup, but also to make your life easier in case you use that same app on another Apple device. That said, another thing you should do is delete those applications that you no longer use and that are unnecessary, come on, you will surely be surprised at all the space you can get doing this.

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Use the Optimize storage option

The “Optimize storage” option is a useful feature that lets you store your photos and videos in iCloud instead of on your iPhone. This helps you free up space on your iPhone and keep your photos and videos safe in iCloud. To enable this feature, go into the app Settingthen go to Photos and select optimize storage.

Delete old backups

Old backups may also be taking up space in your iCloud account. If you have multiple backups of your iPhone stored in iCloud, you may want to delete old copies to free up storage space.

To do so, enter the app Settingthen go to iCloudaccess the first tab that indicates Manage account space and lastly in backups. Next, you will see the backups stored in your iCloud account. Then click on the button delete backup to remove old backups from devices you no longer have.

Buy more iCloud storage space

If you’ve tried all of these tips and still can’t free up enough iCloud storage, you may need to. that you consider the option of buying more storage space in iCloud. This will allow you to store more files in iCloud and keep your iPhone running smoothly.

To do so, go to the app Settingthen enter iCloudnow in Manage account space and there click on the tab Upgrade to iCloud+. Select the plan that interests you the most and then click on Expand to iCloud+. Prices? Well you can get 50 GB for an impressive 0.99 euros per month200 GB for 2.99 per month and 2 TB for 9.99 per month as well.