How to fix Download pending issue in Play Store

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One of the good options that exist in the Android operating system is that it has an official store, as is the case with Apple’s iOS. This one is called Play Store and it usually works quite well, but from time to time a problem appears that drives users crazy: downloads stay in the Pending state. We tell you how to fix it. What happens in this case is that the process to obtain an application – be it an Internet browser or a game – stops and there is no way to continue. And, worst of all, this happens regardless of the connection you use to access the Internet (WiFi or data). And so it is a big hassle because it usually happens randomly with some apps and if another download starts it works fine. Chaos, wow. Two possible solutions to use with the Play Store We are going to show the two steps that we recommend that you carry out in order and, if the first one is not effective, continue with the next one, which is a little more aggressive and its effectiveness is greater ( although somewhat more complex to do, but without any risk to the Play Store and not to the phone or tablet you use). This is what you have to do: Restart the terminal This option may seem very simple and hackneyed, but in this case it is effective. The reason is that it cuts off communication with the Google store, and when the operating system starts, the call to the app is established again, so if there was a problem in this basic process, it may disappear. Therefore, press the power button on your terminal to restart it (or the way this is achieved). Clear the cache of the store This is much more effective, but it has more steps to execute because what it does is delete information about the app in the operating system (which is replaced once you launch the Play Store again). What you have to do is the following: Access the settings of the smartphone or tablet using the gear-shaped icon. Now go to the Applications section and look for Play Store among those you have installed. When you locate it, click on it and you will see the app information. The next thing you have to do is access Storage and locate Cache. Press the button called Clear cache (it is not a bad idea to do the same with the Data itself, since you are here and this is nothing that affects the use of the application). You will be finished and you can use the Google store as usual and, surely, the problem we are talking about has been solved. As you have seen, there is nothing complicated or dangerous to avoid the annoying problem of Pending downloads in the Play Store that, surely, more than once has driven you crazy because you cannot get that game or application that you need. Let’s hope that Google manages to correct this, since it is most annoying. >

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