How to fix any issues with Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime on your Android TV

Our current televisions have become real computers with which to make the most of their abilities. That of watching DTT and little else is over, since the offer that we have at our disposal is the most varied.

And if you have a smart TV, chances are you use Android TV or Google TV as an operating system. We are talking about the most popular Smart TV interface and that you will find in models such as TCL, Hisense, Philips or Sony televisions, so you will not lack options.

Android TV and Google TV are the best operating system for Smart TV

Much of the success of Android TV and Google TV has to do with their app store. In addition to boasting a highly intuitive interface that offers you a wide range of possibilities, you won’t be short of applications with which to get the most out of your Smart TV.

and yes If you have contracted a streaming platform, you will be able to install the Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime video app… Options will not be lacking, mainly because Google is always the first to sign agreements for a compatible application.


Not to mention the fact that these apps also work on android phones, so you will always have them within reach of your television. But it is possible that sometimes they do not work for you as they should.

Solve any problem with Netflix and other apps with this trick

But, as with any device, sometimes apps get “stuck” and don’t work as they should. This is especially common with platforms like HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, I say this from my own experience.

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Althoughif you have a television or media player with Android TV or Google TV, you will be able to solve any problem in a few seconds. It is not a definitive trick, but it will surely work for you, so it is better that you always have it at hand.

  • Access the settings of your television (you will see your profile in the upper right, clicking on it will show the gear icon).
  • Now, within the Settings you should go to the option to go to Applications.
  • Within applications, you will see a list with all the apps you have installed on your television. You must select the one that is failing you.
  • Finally, click on Force close application.
  • Click OK.

If you followed the steps correctly, Now you will only have to click on Open so that the app is run again and it will probably already work correctly.