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How to find your phone number on your mobile

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In the past, phone numbers were memorized just like an address. The normal thing was to have the number of the house, of your favorite pizzeria and of a best friend always in immediate memory. However, technological advances led to these numbers being recorded in the phonebook and today it is not even common for you to call your own phone. This is why finding your own phone number can seem pointless.

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So, How do users share their own number when they meet someone? Well, in case you don’t have the number in your head, there are some alternatives to know your own phone number on both Android mobiles and iPhones. It does not matter if you have a single number or if you have several, these alternatives help you to receive the notification of your own phone in a simple way.

How to find your phone number on iPhone

On an iOS device, viewing your own phone number is easy. There are two alternatives, one through the Contacts application and another from Settings.

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From Contacts, simply open the Phone application and tap on Contacts. The first one that appears is the user’s phone number.

From Settingsyou have to select the Phone menu and My number is the first one that appears in the list.

How to find your own phone number on Android

The Android operating system also allows you to see your own phone number. Depending on the version of the system there may be some differences, but in general terms the procedure is similar. Each manufacturer’s interface can lead to some alterations, but at the end of the day the steps are pretty similar:

Open the Settings app and in the search bar type My phone number. The path to get it is System – About phone – Status.

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It is also possible to open the Contacts app and right at the top, see your contact information.

On Google Pixel or Nexus devices, swipe up from the top of the Contacts app and you’ll see the My Info section. You can check the phone number manually from Settings – About phone – Status.

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