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How to find the elevation of a place on Google Maps from the mobile

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Surely on more than one occasion when you were in the mountains you have wanted to know the specific elevation of the place you are walking through. This, until not long ago, was very difficult to achieve in a simple way. But thanks to Google Maps, now it won’t take a couple of minutes to have this information. We show you what you have to do to achieve it. Luckily, in the application for mobile devices there is a tool that is designed for this -and also for other tasks, of course-. We are talking about what is called Relief in Google Maps and that, among other things, allows us to know the elevation of the place where we are. Of course, as long as it is a mountainous location, since otherwise the information we are talking about is generally not available. In addition, it is important to be very clear about something: the simplicity of use is excellent, so you will not have any doubts about how to use this tool. So you can know the elevation of a place with Google Maps The steps that we are going to show you are practically the same for both the iOS application and the one that exists on Android. Therefore, you will not have to change many actions in one or another operating system. This is what you have to do to be able to clear up doubts about the elevation of the terrain you are walking on in the mountains: Open the application as usual on your terminal. The ideal is that you do the process in your location, but you can search from another place, write in the search bar what is necessary for the app to identify it. Now, in the upper right area, use the Layers tool (it is an icon with two squares, one on top of the other). In it, you must choose the Relief option under Map Type. This gives you access to the topographical options that are included in Google Maps. You can now close the options menu that has been displayed from the lower area. You will now see different points where the specific or average elevation is marked. Simply zoom in to see the desired point. Once this is done, you are done. Obviously, you can try any place you want to know the elevation of (for example, the place where you go on vacation or the town of your grandparents). This tool, little known from Google Maps, is sure to end up with more than one discussion about whether one place is higher than another. In addition, due to its simplicity and speed, it is very effective and more than enough for most users who do not need to know the elevation of the place where they are or want to spend the weekend. >

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