How to find out who has viewed your LinkedIn profile

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LinkedIn is the main professional social network, with more than 700 million profiles created, and through it users can apply for job vacancies and get in touch with companies and employers from all over the world, talk with outstanding professionals in their sector or use tools like the new features for freelancers and freelancers that were released a few weeks ago.

Being aware of the users who consult a profile allows you to establish a poll of who is looking for you.

LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that allows users to know who has seen their profile and, therefore, to know which people or companies have had some type of interest in their skills as a professional.

There are several ways to find out which users are viewing your LinkedIn profile. The method to use will vary depending on the type of account you have on the platform. The good thing is that each procedure is very simple to execute, you just have to follow a few basic steps and nothing more.

– Basic LinkedIn account (free): If you have a free profile, you will have the right to see the last five results of who has viewed your profile on LinkedIn. The information that the platform will offer you is the following: job titles of those who are looking for you, where the readers of your profile work and where they found you. To be entitled to five views in 90 days you must enable the display of your name and title. in your profile settings. If they are not visible, you will not be provided with information about who viewed you.

For the visualization to be successful you will have to click on “Settings and privacy”, then select “Privacy”. Scroll down and go to the “How others see your activity on LinkedIn” section. Expand the “Profile View” options. Under “Select what others can see when you view your profile”, choose “Name and title”.

– LinkedIn premium account (paid): here you will not have any type of restriction to know who saw your LinkedIn profile. You will have a panel dedicated to the users who have consulted your information, there you will know where they come from, the titles they have and how they managed to find you.

All you have to do is “Login”, open your “Profile”, go to the “Analytics” section and click on “Profile Views”.