How to find out if someone else has read or checked my email

como saber quien leyo mi correo en gmail.jpg
como saber quien leyo mi correo en gmail.jpg

The well-known blue WhatsApp double check icon notifies us with the exact time that a contact has received our message. In Gmail, for example, we cannot have an automatic tool to tell us when a person has read our mail.

However, we can use a native Google option and a couple of reputable external tools that they will give us accurate data about the day and time, and even the times someone checked an email. These are 3 of the best free solutions available to you.

The native help that Gmail offers to request read receipts

Request Gmail read receipt

Gmail allows you to add a setting so that you can confirm that the email you are about to send has been read, only if you use Gmail for work or a school configured by an administrator. The steps for this are as follows:

– Open Gmail on your computer.
– Click on Compose.
– Write your email as you normally do.
– At the bottom right, click More options – More shipping options and then click on Request read confirmation.
– Send the message and you will be able to receive the reading confirmation in the inbox.

Google suggests that another of the limitations of this service is that it is likely that the recipient must confirm that he has read the email so that you can be notified.

Mailtrack, a recognized Chrome extension

If you want an option with much less protocol, intuitive and with precise details, then you should try Mailtrack. It is a Chrome extension with several years of good reputation thanks to its simple operation: through the Gmail interface itself, you will see if a Check (✓) appears to notify that the mail has been delivered, but has not yet been open; now, In the event that they have opened your mail, you will see the double check (✓✓) next to the name of the recipient.

Something that we cannot miss is that Mailtrack offers this option for free, according to them, forever. However, they also have two Premium plans that have, among other things, the possibility to remove the signature of the reading logo in emails, availability for iOS and Android, reminders, daily reports and email tracking with unlimited attachments, all for $ 1 a month.

Streak CRM, another extension with more than 700,000 users

Streak CRM

By installing this Chrome extension with a similar operation to the previous one, you will be able to see your inbox of sent emails and check which of these have been opened by seeing the eye icon pinned to each email sent. If the receiving user has not seen it yet, the eye will appear gray, while if they have already seen it, it will be green and it will also tell you the time it was opened. Streak CRM is also a free option and has over 700k active users.