How to find duplicate songs in Apple Music when using it on a Mac

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One of Apple Music’s best features is its ability to quickly and efficiently find hidden duplicates in your library. These can be a big problem, as they not only take up additional space on your hard drive, but also make your Apple Music library cluttered – something many users hate. We show you some tips so that everything is exactly as you want, because you will end up with annoying duplicates on your computer. The first way to clean duplicates from your library is to have Apple Music show you the copies in your library. These can be the result of accidentally adding the same song twice, for example. Follow the steps indicated below. Open the “Apple Music” app on your Mac. Go to the “Songs” tab and then click “File > Library > “Show Duplicate Items” in the menu bar. This will open a window showing all music files that you have saved to Apple Music that might match another file with the same name. Review the list, then select and remove duplicate songs from your library. This is a great option for small libraries or if you just want to see how many duplicate files and wasted space (displayed at the bottom of the screen) your library has, however this is not the most effective in cases where repetitions are an issue, such as what exists on an actual studio album vs. a live recording. The songs in common between these tracks may have the same name, but they are completely different. But there is a way to work around these conditions. So you can show exact duplicates in Apple Music Choose this method if you have remixes or tracks in vivo that share song names with albums. While this method takes a bit longer, it is a more specific method for isolating tracks and getting better results. As in the previous method, go to the “File” tab. This time, after clicking “File”, hold down the option key on the Mac. You’ll notice that where “Show Duplicate Items” was, it now shows “Show Exact Duplicate Items”. Click “Show Exact Duplicate Items” under place of songs whose names match. These will now be isolated and show up in your library. Go through the list by selecting items to remove specific songs that are exact duplicates in your library. This process avoids seeing those duplicates with the same title but different tracks in your list and can drastically change your results. Important: It’s worth backing up all your songs before organizing or deleting them to ensure no data loss in the Apple client. >

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