How to find contacts and friends on TikTok

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TikTok, the Chinese social network for short videos, surpassed 3 billion downloads this month. If you have decided to get on the bandwagon of this social network and have opened an account, now touch search contacts and find your friends among the millions of accounts that populate the platform.

You can search for friends on TikTok from the application itself or by linking it with your friends on Facebook

There are several ways to search for profiles on TikTok, and here we explain them all step by step.

-From the Discovery tab. If you want to search for contacts on TikTok from the Discover tab, you must follow the instructions below:

When you open your profile on TikTok you will see that, at the bottom of the screen, a series of icons appear. The second from the left, in the shape of a magnifying glass, bears the legend “Discover”.

When you click on that icon, a search bar will appear at the top of the screen. Just below there are several search options: users, videos or hastags. It is the first one that interests us, so you must click on it and write the name of the user you want to search in the bar.

When you search, a list of results will appear. When you find the one you want, you can access that profile and give it to follow.

-From your profile. The first thing you will have to do is access your profile. Instead of pressing the lower icon of the magnifying glass, you should do so on the one on the far right, the one that says “I” with an icon of the silhouette of a person. When you click on it, TikTok will take you to your profile page.

Once on your profile page you must enter, in the upper left corner, the icon of the silhouette of a person with a symbol “+ “. That icon is the “Find friends” icon and, when you click on it, the same search bar will appear as in the previous option.

-Through Facebook. As in the second option, we go to the TikTok profile and click on the “Find friends” icon. Below the search bar you will see that a “Facebook Friends” sign appears and, next to it, it says “Search”.

TikTok will show you a screen from which you will access your profile on Facebook. In addition, it will ask you for authorization to access your profile information on said social network. Accept and click “Continue”.

On the next screen, TikTok will give you more details about the data from your Facebook that it will have access to. Once you give your authorization, TikTok will allow you to synchronize your contacts on this network with those you have on Facebook.

Now TikTok will show you a list of all your contacts on Facebook who also have a profile on it. There, you can choose which ones you also add to your TikTok friends list.