How to find clothes from a photo on the Internet


In online magazines and on social networks you will find a large number of photos with clothes and clothing sets that respond to the latest fashion cry and that will catch your attention. Locating this type of clothing can be somewhat complicated because on many occasions the brand or model of the clothing is not known. So, for situations like this, apps have been created to find clothes from a photo.

Now it is very easy to locate any outfit thanks to the help of applications designed for this purpose.

All you have to do is take a photo of the suit or a screenshot and the AI ​​scanning technology of these apps will find the similar styles on the Internet. Here we will give a list with the best applications of the moment to fulfill this particular task.

– Pinterest: the mobile app has a visual search tool called Lens. You will find similar clothes in social media posts, videos and internet websites. It also has the ability to expose ShopStyle store purchase links.

Apps to find clothes

– Google Lens: The Google Lens app is capable of identifying outfits and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, glasses, and shoes. You don’t even have to capture the image, all you have to do is put the clothing in the application’s viewing frame to start the investigation process. Best of all, it provides links to stores like Amazon to make shopping easy.

– Amazon Style Snap: It has a search engine that is focused on clothing, you will find any suit or dress from a photo of it. It allows you to do a live tracking of the clothes or upload the capture from the mobile gallery.

– ASOS: offers a reverse search option that will find the clothing that the user wants through an image. This app only works in the ASOS store, so it will search for styles only in that store. The good news is that the establishment has very good prices.

– CamFind: is a visual search engine that can also be applied to clothing. The results are varied and useful, there will be shopping links, product description and related YouTube videos. The app stands out for offering outfits that are very similar to the ones the user is browsing.

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