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How to extract images from a Word document?

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Surely, on more than one occasion, you have found yourself in front of a Word document that contained one or more images, and you wanted to be able to extract them in a simple way. If we are talking about a single image, Word allows us to save it on our PC (or on any other storage medium, of course), but if we want to extract several images, the only possibility that Microsoft’s word processor offers us is to save them one by one. in a.

This method is not practical, especially if we are talking about large documents with a good number of images inside, it can take a long time and, if the distribution of the images in the document is not reasonably uniform, it is possible that we end up skipping some that, perhaps, we may need later . Which, again, would force us to open the original document, locate the image and extract it. It’s not a herculean task, of course, but it is an inconvenience and a waste of time that we can easily avoid.

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Let’s see then,The different options we have to extract images from a Word document. If you want to repeat the steps of this example to the millimeter, I have used this document from Rincón del Vago although, as you can already guess, it works exactly the same with any other document.

extract an image

This is, as I mentioned before, the easiest option. We will simply have to locate the image that we want to save, click on it with the right mouse button and, in the contextual menu that will be displayed, click on the entry “Save as image…”. When the save dialog is displayed, we will choose the destination folder, the file name and the format in which we want to save it (png, jpg, gif, tif or png) and, after confirming the save, we will have the image at our disposal. provision.

Extract images from a .docx document

Something that not many people know is that the Word docx format is actually a compressed file in zip format, which contains all the elements necessary to compose the text document. Thus, knowing this, you will surely have already deduced that the key to quickly obtaining the images is to access said content.

So, if we start from this file

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How to extract images from a word document

The first thing we will have to do is change its extension from .docx to .zip, editing it directly in Windows Explorer. When a warning is displayed, we will confirm it, so that we can see its icon change to the one associated with the compressed files on our PC, for example

How to extract images from a word document

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Next we have to decompress the file in the usual way, that is, as we normally work with this type of file:

How to extract images from a word document

and once we see its content, we will have to double-click first on the “Word” folder and then on the “media” folder. Inside it, we will find the images and we will be able to use it as we intended:

How to extract images from a word document

Remember, though, to change the extension of the original file back from .zip to .docx in case you want to open it again later in Word.

Extract images from a .doc document

Although docx has been the standard format for Microsoft documents since 2007, it is still quite common to find documents in its predecessor format, .doc, which has substantial differences from the newer one. Thus, we will not be able to use the previous method in a file of this type. But we still have an option that may surprise you.

Open the .doc file in Word, then click “File” and then “Save As.” Then use the format selector to choose

How to extract images from a Word document?

Give it a name, choose the save folder and confirm the operation.

Then, in Windows Explorer, search for the folder you chose for saving, in this example

How to extract images from a Word document?

You will see that in addition to a .htm file with the name you chose, a folder with that name and “_files” has also been created. Now you will only have to access the content of that folder and, inside it, along with other files, you will find all the images of the original document.

How to extract images from a Word document?

Note: Although we cannot change the extension of a .doc to a .zip to access its content, what we can do is open the .doc in Word and save it as .docx, if we prefer to use the first system. On the other hand, we can also use the web page technique in a .docx. Thus, in reality we can use both methods with both formats, although in each case we have chosen a specific one because it is the fastest and easiest.

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