How to export text messages from an iPhone, iPad and Mac computer

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Keeping your text messages as PDF files can be very useful, especially when you need to save, organize, or share specific conversations. We show you how to achieve this by exporting from your iPhone, iPad and Mac. As you will see, everything is quite simple. There are several reasons why you might want to export your iPhone messages as PDF. An example is that you need physical proof of a document and, also, it is possible that the objective is to share something with your contacts. Even exporting is a way to be able to send data or documents from an iPhone to an Android terminal, for example. Perform the process using an Apple Mac computer This is one of the best ways to export your messages as PDF files, as it is the only built-in method. Here’s how to do it: Set up the Messages app on your Mac First, open the Messages app on your Mac. You should see your iPhone SMS and iMessage conversations here. If you don’t see them, follow these steps: Set up the Messages app on your Mac and sign in to iMessage using your Apple ID. Turn on Messages in iCloud to sync your messages across all your devices. Set up text message forwarding to see your iPhone SMS within the Messages app on your Mac. Select a conversation Select a conversation from the sidebar of the Messages app on your Mac. Print the conversation On the top menu bar, click File > Print. Save as PDF Click the PDF option at the bottom or the arrow next to PDF and choose Save as PDF. export iPhone messages as PDF using Mac Rename and save the file Finally, rename the file, choose a location, and click Save. Your conversation is now saved as a PDF file and you can open it to review your messages. Media files (images, videos, documents, etc.) will appear as empty placeholders in the PDF. To save them, export them from the Messages app to a folder or another suitable app. If the Messages app quits unexpectedly when you export a group chat or a long chat with a lot of media files, try restarting your Mac or updating it to the latest version of macOS. Use only an iPhone or iPad There is no built-in method to save your iMessage and SMS conversations as PDF files directly from your Apple mobile devices. However, there are workarounds, such as taking screenshots of the conversation. Take screenshots of your conversation on your iPhone or iPad. Use an app like Picsew to capture a screenshot of the entire text conversation and then save it as a PDF. Additionally, you can combine multiple screenshots vertically and then convert the resulting long image to a PDF. That done, you’re done. >

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