How to erase everything from your old iPhone before selling it

how to erase everything from your old iphone before selling it
how to erase everything from your old iphone before selling it
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Apple presented this week the new iPhone 13, the update of its smartphone that comes adding some new features based on the previous model, the iPhone 12, and again with four variants in terms of performance and size of the device. If you can’t live without having the latest iPhone model, surely you are already thinking of getting rid of yours to buy a new one.

After transferring all the data to your new iPhone, it is advisable to erase all the information from the old one before selling or giving it away

But, if you are going to sell or give someone the iPhone you use now, it is recommended remove all personal information from it. It is, first of all, a question of security and protection of privacy. And besides, it is unlikely that someone would want to buy an iPhone with photos of strangers stored in their gallery.

For all this, we will show you below how to erase any data and information from your iPhone with which they can recognize you. Before selling your old iPhone, you must transfer all the files you want to keep to the new one. Once you have done it, you can start to erase your trace from the phone and exit your Apple ID account.

– «Find my iPhone»: There are several functions activated on the iPhone that, if they continue like this when the device is transferred to other hands, can give sensitive information about you. One of them is the “Find my iPhone” tool, which could allow you to know your location or the places you visit frequently. Therefore, before selling or giving away your iPhone, deactivate it by going to “Settings”, where you must set the “Find my iPhone” and “Find my network” tabs to “Off”.

-Unlink devices: It may happen that you have an Apple device, such as your Apple Watch, linked to your iPhone. If so, you must break this link to prevent both devices from continuing to share information. In the case of Apple Watch, you must access the watch app on your iPhone.

When you do this, you will see that a reference to the clock to which you are linked appears and, next to it, a letter “i” inserted inside a circle. Click on that icon and then on “Unlink Apple Watch.”

-Close iCloud and Apple ID: Enter the settings panel and click, at the top of everything, where your name appears. This will take you to a page with various information about the Apple ID and iCloud, the iOS cloud. Scroll to the bottom, where it says “Disconnect” in red letters. By clicking on the box, it will ask you to enter your Apple ID password, and then you must confirm that you want to exit.

-Erase everything: Now you can remove your SIM card from the iPhone and prepare for the final reset. Now you must enter the settings page again and, among all the options, access “General”. From within this tab, at the bottom, the option to “Reset” will appear. Clicking on it will take you to a new tab, in which you must click on “Delete all content”. Then, the iPhone will ask you to confirm your decision several times and, at the end, once the process is finished, it will return you to the welcome screen.