How to enter your router from the mobile and configure it with and other ways

Brian Adam

How to enter your router from the mobile and configure it with and other ways

Entering the router is recommended since changing the default settings noticeably extends the security of your home network. Now, how to access the configuration using only the mobile? We teach you all the ways: both from the browser and using applications.


Accessing the router to configure it is highly recommended since it is advisable to eliminate all the factory settings; thereby reducing the chances of them accessing the connection. In general, the process is more comfortable on the computer, but mobile is also suitable for the task: you can adjust each parameter of the device from the browser of your Android, also with apps. For this, you only have to remember an IP address:

Set up your router by typing in the browser

Configure Movistar Router Access to the Movistar router from the IP address of the gateway

To enter the router you need to know the IP address of the gateway, a computing device that manages the connection between the local network (that of our house) and the Internet (the external network). This IP address is usually standard, so all you have to do is type it in the browser’s address bar to access the router’s settings. As long as we are connected to a said router that is the first premise.

The IP address is the one used by most commercial routers and the one that opens the door to its configuration. The process to enter the device that manages the network is as follows:

  • Make sure you connected to the WiFi network of the router or access point you want to enter and configure.
  • Open your Android browser. It does not matter which one you use, all will provide you with the same configuration.
  • Type in the address bar and accept. The access menu will appear on the screen with the user and password fields.
  • Look under your router: the necessary access data will be written on a sticker.
  • Enter the data in the browser fields and you will already be inside your router.
  • Alternatively, there are mobile brands (such as Samsung) that offer access to router settings from WiFi options. Go to the settings of your Android, enter the network options and check if a ‘Configure router’ appears among the settings. Click here and you will access the access panel.
Configure Samsung Router Brands like Samsung offer access to the configuration of the touter in some of their mobiles

By default, the IP address of the gateway is usually, but perhaps another one is being used. If the browser does not load the login page, you can try another usual alternative: You can also check this address on your mobile:

  • Access the settings of your mobile and enter the WiFi options.
  • Go to the options of the network you connect to.
  • Look for the ‘Gateway‘ and write down the address to write it in your mobile browser.
Configure Router Gateway Your mobile options specify the gateway of the device to which you connect

Once you have entered your router we recommend that change the default username and password this will make it difficult for someone else to access the configuration (write them down and don’t lose them). In addition, it is recommended change the names of the WiFi networks (SSID) and their password, also adjust the security of the keys to the maximum. You can do everything on the phone.

You can also use apps to access your router

Configure Asus Router Setting up an Asus router with your app

Entering and configuring the device is not complicated if you have connected to it, you know the address of the gateway and its access data. Although there is an alternative way to access the configuration: using an app. At least as long as your router has it, that not all brands offer application.

Asus or TP-Link routers have an app, for example, Movistar also offers a tool to manage your routers. You will have to check on the manufacturer’s page if your model includes configuration from an Android app: It is an increasingly widespread option.