How to Enjoy Nintendo Switch Games at 4K Resolution

4k gamer pro.jpg
4k gamer pro.jpg

Although the rumors that pointed to the launch of a Nintendo Switch console with a 4K screen were not fulfilled, users who want to enjoy the games on their console at this resolution have the alternative of resorting to external solutions that allow them to transfer their favorite games. through external displays with 4K resolution.

As an example, on Kickstarter there is a campaign that is raising funds to 4K Gamer Proan external device that allows you to bring games to any 4K screen available, and what is better, without delays or drops in frames per second.

More than an adapter to enjoy games

This device offers three levels of optimization for users to adjust the experiences they want according to the types of games on the Nintendo Switch, the screens where they will connect the device, and other possible preferences that may arise.

Its creators claim to have reached «a true high-end 4K experience with no dropped frames» after months of research and testing, allowing users to receive «a completely new gaming experience».

This achievement comes about thanks to the use of “image processing technology to enhance image sharpness, color processing, and depth of field that is unique to the GPU.”

With these ingredients, this device has managed to capture the attention of users to the point of having managed to far exceed the funding goal in the campaign, where interested parties from “certain countries” will still be able to participate as sponsors and acquire their units from the equivalent to 104 euros through its two rewards, which are still active, and whose campaign still has 41 days of availability left.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting alternative waiting, if it happens, for the long-awaited version with an integrated 4K screen to arrive at some point in the future.

But it is also true that 4K images can be better enjoyed on a monitor or television than on a small screen.

More information: Kickstarter campaign

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