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How to enable or disable smart compose in your Gmail emails

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Google has proposed that we have less and fewer things to do and let artificial intelligence and its algorithms replace us so that we dedicate ourselves to other more profitable things. There you have that Mountain View project that is capable of answering calls and having conversations on our behalf, so it would not mean that when writing emails they also want to impersonate us.

And since the beginning of last year, Gmail incorporates a function that they baptized as “Smart Writing” that helps us compose messages through its platform in such a way that it guides us to send the best possible text. We don’t know if they won’t trust our talents as a writer, but the truth is that a hand is capable of throwing us.

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Turn it on or off

Own Google defines this “Smart Writing” as a tool to “write your emails faster” because “it uses machine learning technologies and gives you suggestions as you write.” In addition, once we have it active, it always gives us a hand wherever we connect to Gmail, so if we modify this parameter, it will affect the platform completely wherever we use it.

In other words, if we activate this “Smart Writing”, we will have recommendations to write better both on the computer and on the smartphone, and if we deactivate it, quite the contrary. Remember this detail just in case what is tedious on the computer through Chrome, it is not so much on the mobile and when you remove it you lose the advantages of typing faster with the touch keyboard.

Activate Gmail Smart Compose.

To activate or not this “Smart Writing” you have to go to Gmail with Chrome and click on the “Settings” gear that you can see at the top right. Once there, and within the “General” tab, “Smart Writing” will appear a little lower in the list of account configuration possibilities. As you can see, there are two options that are to enable and disable.

If you don’t have a Chrome computer at hand, You can also change this parameter of your account from Android. For this you have to go to the app on the mobile, also access the “Settings” and once inside look for the same option as in Chrome for “Smart writing”. You change it and that’s it. Of course, remember that this function is only available for languages Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese. If you have a different one, you will have to wait until an update is published by those of Mountain View.

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