How to enable gesture navigation on Samsung Android devices

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It is possible that you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, and you do not know that it is possible to activate gesture navigation in the Android operating system (using the OneUI customization layer). Well then, we are going to tell you what you have to do to achieve this and discover a new way of scrolling through the phone or tablet options -which can be much more comfortable and intuitive for you-. Since 2019, Google has offered this possibility in its operating system, so the limitation of using the usual three touch buttons to carry out all the Android options when browsing is over. It is true that improvements are needed, especially in what has to do with the back gesture (which seems to be coming in the new version of the software that the Mountain View company will release this year 2023). The fact is that this possibility is present, but some do not even know that it exists. So activate the navigation gestures on the Samsung Galaxy If you want to experiment with this possibility, since you are tired of using the usual touch buttons on the screen, we are going to indicate the steps you must take to achieve it in a very simple way and, obviously , without putting anything on the device at risk (neither hardware nor software). Without further ado, this is what you have to do step by step on both phones and tablets: Open the settings of the Samsung device in the usual way, for example, using the gear-shaped icon that is in the list of installed applications. Now you have to find the section called Screen Settings. If you can’t find it, use the search engine. When you find it, click on it to access the hidden options. Here locate Navigation Bar that is in the middle of the screen and, there, when entering Gestures. Among the available options you will see that there is a selection option called More options. It is the one that you have to activate. Now select Swipe from the sides and the bottom to activate the navigation that we are talking about. And voila, you have already made the change to be able to test this way of using the equipment. Everything without complications and safe. Best of all, if you want to revert the changes you’ve made, you can do so at any time, so it’s clear that Samsung has thought through everything to make testing gesture navigation less of a problem. The truth is that it is certain that more than one will stay with this way of using their phone or tablet, for sure. >

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