How to easily see the passwords you have saved on Android

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One of the functions that makes life more comfortable for users who have a terminal with the Android operating system is to store passwords. This is done with excellent security, so don’t be afraid to turn on this time-saving feature when accessing different cloud-based services. If you want to review the data you have saved, we will tell you how to achieve it in a fairly simple way. Google’s development includes a Password Manager that is the one that has the aforementioned task and, therefore, is the one that you have to resort to in order to access the stored data. Getting this was something complex to date, something that has changed with the latest Google Play update, which is what it depends on. The reason is that it is possible to include a direct access to the desktop, which makes things much easier. How to put the direct access on Android terminals The first thing you have to check is that you have version 22.18 of Google Play, if not, you must proceed to the corresponding update. Once this is confirmed, you must follow the steps indicated below, which are not common for shortcuts, since it is a particular tool of the Android operating system. They are these: Access the operating system settings using the circular gear icon that you have in the list of applications. Scroll until you find the Privacy section, and then select Autocomplete Google service. In what you see on the screen, you have to use Passwords. You will see the credentials that you have stored and then you will see that there is an option called Add shortcut to your home screen. Press to activate and confirm the process. From this moment on, you will have direct access to the Password Manager on your desktop and you can review it at any time. One thing to keep in mind is that the Android operating system understands that the person who is using the terminal is trustworthy, since it has been unlocked and, therefore, it does not ask for any verification elements (neither numerical nor biometric). In this way, you must be sure that you hide everything well to avoid privacy problems. The truth is that the Mountain View company should change this so that everything goes perfectly and that you can not be upset by unwanted access and that you have the possibility of being able to see the passwords you have in the services in which you have an active account. >

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