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How to download WhatsApp statuses from a computer

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There are not a few who use the computer version that exists of the WhatsApp messaging application. And, surely, on some occasion you have wanted to download what one of your contacts has shared in the states. Well, if you don’t know how to achieve this, we are going to show you what you have to do to achieve it. By default, neither the application that exists for the operating systems used on computers nor the web client of the messaging application allows you to do this, so this is one of the cases in which you have to resort to a creation of third parties. And, for security and good performance, we believe that the best option that exists is the use of an extension for Google Chrome. This is called WA Web Plus for WhatsApp and it is free of charge. Using this Chrome extension for WhatsApp The first thing you have to do is install the extension we are talking about, something that is very simple and that you get by entering this link and, once you see the content, clicking on the color button blue call Install. By the way, if you are one of those who use Microsoft’s Edge browser that is included with Windows, you should know that this development is also compatible and you can use it without any problem. Once you have done what was explained above, in the browser bar you will see that there is a new icon that has a green cross inside a circle, which is what indicates that the installation of WA Web Plus has gone perfectly. At this time, what you have to do is access WhatsApp via the web, indicating your credentials if necessary. Now click on the extension icon and, among the functions it offers, you will see that there is one called Enable status download button. Activate it and, now, when you access what your contacts have shared, you will see that there is a new element that, when pressed, allows you to download the multimedia content (it does not matter if it is an image or a video). All you have to do is choose the place on the computer where you want to save everything and, that’s it, you already have everything in a safe place to do with it what you consider appropriate. A good option that can be removed without complication The truth is that everything is very simple and without danger -neither for the computer nor for the WhatsApp account- and, therefore, a good option in case you need to add this functionality. Obviously, if you want to remove the ability to download statuses on your computer, you simply have to uninstall the browser extension. It’s all that simple. >

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