How to download WhatsApp Plus in 2023

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whatsapp plus It is a modified version of the WhatsApp application that will allow you to have access to additional functions in the instant messaging app, although it is not the original app and has not been created by the Meta developers. Likewise, the platform is stable and its function is to improve to the official version.

WhatsApp is not an official app, you must be careful when you download it so that your account does not run any risk.

It has more useful tools and fewer restrictions, so if you want download whatsapp plus here we are going to tell you in this article what you have to do, so that you get more out of your conversations in the instant messaging app and surprise your friends, who surely want to use it too.

Among the most interesting qualities of whatsapp plus there is the ability to customize chats, add new emojis in your conversations, listen to audios without the contact that sent them knowing, change the last connection time, hide the double blue check and many more, depending on the version you use . It is quite useful, but you must be careful so that your profile will not have any problems that violate Meta policies.

So you can download WhatsApp Plus

It is a Mod (unofficial app), so you have to download the file from a trusted place like the one we propose in the link that you will find in the upper paragraph of this article. If you want to download WhatsApp Plus, you can do it there quietly and enjoy all the additional advantages that this modified version of WhatsApp presents.

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– The first thing you have to do is make a backup copy of WhatsApp so that the information has a backup in case a failure occurs.

– When you have made the backup, delete the WhatsApp app. Then turn on the “Unknown Sources” option to install the APK. This option is found in “Settings” – “Applications”.

– Now, download the APK file and install it. Once this step is finished, enter WhatsApp Plus and complete the registration, this is very similar to WhatsApp. You will have to associate your telephone number and you will receive a code by SMS that you will have to enter.

– The application will ask you for permission to access your mobile and contacts, grant what is required for it to work without problems.

– Finally, install the backup you made so that you can have all your chats and files stored in WhatsApp Plus again.