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How to Download TikTok Videos Without Annoying Watermarks

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What at first seemed like a fad has finally become consolidated: the TikTok social network has become one of the most used worldwide. The creativity of those who publish there, such as the ease of use when uploading something or finding fun things, have catapulted it to great success. And Spain is one of the regions where it is most used. Well, if you want to download some of the creations you like from all the ones you’ve seen, we’ll show you how to do it. Achieving it officially is a real headache, that is a reality. Therefore, it is normal to decide to use an application or web tools to achieve this. But, here, there is generally a problem that for many is very important: the vast majority of existing options add a watermark when obtaining the video. The reason is that, being free jobs, it is the best way they have to get publicity. Can you avoid these watermarks? Well, if you become a paying user, yes. But otherwise, it is normal that it is not possible to eliminate the annoying trace that you will see in the video. And this is a handicap that for many is too relevant. But, luckily, there is still a rare bird that does not put a watermark on the video you download from TikTok and we have found one that works very well and, as you will see, it is not difficult to use it. It’s called SnapTikVideo. How to use this tool to download from TikTok Well, everything is very simple because we are talking about a web tool and, therefore, you will not have to install anything on your phone or computer. In this way, you will not take risks. Without further ado, we leave you the steps to download videos from TikTok to which no watermark is added: Open the address of the tool using this link. Now access TikTok and copy the address where it is hosted the video you want to download (the ideal way to make everything simple is to use the social network client that exists to access it with your own browser). The next thing is to access the service page that we have indicated before and, in the central box where it is written Paste the video link here, do the same. Next, click on the blue button called Download. You have to wait for the acquisition process to complete. When you see an image in the center of the screen, tap on it. Then select the format of the video you want to get. In this case MP4 without watermarks. Use Download again and select the location if necessary. You’re done and you can enjoy the creation without problems. This is all you have to do to download a video from TikTok easily and for free. And, on top of that, without a watermark. A good tool that it is desirable that it continues to work this well for a long time because its usefulness is beyond any doubt. >

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