How to download TikTok videos on Android, with and without watermark

how to download tiktok videos on android with and without.webp.webp.webp
how to download tiktok videos on android with and without.webp.webp.webp

It’s no secret that TikTok has become one of the most popular applications and social networks in recent years. The platform not only collects countless entertainment videos, dance videos and more, but also many artistic, creative and informational videos in short video format (we invite you to follow Xataka on TikTok for tricks, apps and more information about technology).

One of the original ideas of TikTok the thing is Videos can be shared everywhere, whether with your friends in a WhatsApp group or even on another platform. That’s why they offer several ways to share and download video. But sometimes, you may want to download a TikTok video without the TikTok watermark, and it is also possible to do so, although you need to consider a few things.

How to download TikTok videos officially (with watermark)

First, let’s talk about the best way to download TikTok videos: through the social network’s official application. The same app makes it easy for users to download videos from their favorite accounts so, in this way, I can share them with others anywhere, or even save them to see them later (I confess that this has helped me download recipe videos that I then consult before and during the cooking process).

Of course, there is a very important requirement: the video creator must allow downloading of their videos. This option is active by default when uploading a video to the social network, but creators can choose to disable it if they wish.

If the account allows you to download its videos, you can download them using one of the following ways. The first method to download TikTok videos is the simplest and most direct:

Tiktok 1
  • Access the video we want to download
  • Press the arrow-shaped button, which opens the “Share” menu
  • Select the option “Save video
  • And just like that, the video will be downloaded and available in the multimedia content gallery of your Android mobile or tablet.

Another method to download videos is in

Tiktok Download 2

To do so, we follow the following steps:

  • Access the video we want to download
  • Press the arrow-shaped button, which opens the “Share” menu
  • We choose “E-mail” among the sharing app options
  • And finally, in the email app we write the email address to which we want to

    How to download TikTok videos without watermark

    The previous methods allow you to download videos officially, with their respective watermark and the name of the account that created the video. However, you may want to download a video without the watermark. That is possible, but not through the TikTok app.

    Before doing so, it is advisable to keep in mind that The idea of ​​the watermark in these videos is to highlight its authorship, giving credit to the author or creator. Downloading an account’s video without its watermark is not something we encourage. Likewise, downloading the video from a film’s official account, which uses TikTok to promote it, without a watermark is not the same as downloading the original video from an independent creator.

    That said, to download videos on TikTok without a watermark it is necessary use a third-party website or application. Personally, I prefer not to install this type of application, but rather use its web version, and the one I use the most is SaveFromNet.

    Tiktok Download 4

    To download videos without watermark, follow the following steps:

    • Access the video we want to download
    • We press the arrow-shaped button that opens the “Share” menu
    • We select the option “Copy link“, in this way, the video link will be copied to the mobile clipboard
    • We access the page from the mobile browser
    • We copy the link in the box and press the button next to it
    • A message may appear inviting you to download the SaveFromNet app, but we can choose to continue the download from the browser
    • Finally, we select the download format: MP4 to download the video, or MP3 to download the audio only

    That’s all. The video will be downloaded to the mobile without watermark. Another similar website that allows this type of download is, but as I mentioned a few lines ago, the option I recommend is SaveFromNet, since so far I have had a good experience downloading videos from its web version in the different formats available .

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