How to download the videos you have saved on your Facebook profile

One of the things that you usually have on Facebook is a lot of memories. Some of them are photographs, but others are videos that you would like to keep safe. Well, you can download the latter in a simple way and at no cost, avoiding having to do anything officially. We show you what you have to do to achieve it. Surely you have some recordings on your Facebook profile that don’t exist anywhere else, so downloading them to your computer or smartphone is something you’ll surely want to achieve. The tools offered by the social network itself are not suitable for this, since they do not allow you to choose the video to download, but there is a website where you can do this without having to give anything in return. You can access FDown using this link (and luckily the page is translated into Spanish). This way you will easily download your videos from Facebook The truth is that the service provided by the page we are talking about is excellent. On the one hand, it offers excellent ease of use, since you don’t have to do anything especially strange to complete the download. But, in addition, the quality with which the recordings are saved is exactly the original, so you won’t lose any detail of what was obtained at the time the video was created. These are the steps you have to take to download: Access Facebook and search for the video you want to download. Once you locate it, start it and, then, you can copy its link in a fairly simple way (in the content information is where you have to search). Now, go to the website that we mentioned before and, in the box in the center, paste the address you got earlier. Then hit the Download button. The time comes when you can choose the quality with which the content will be stored, which can be HD or normal. Both options are active in the free version of the service. If by chance when the process ends, what happens is that it starts playing it instead of asking for the place where you want to store it. What you have to do is go back and, clicking with the right mouse button or continuously on the screen of the mobile terminal. Choose Save As… from the menu that opens. With this, you are done. As you have seen, the option that we have indicated is used to individually choose the video you want to download and, of course, you can use the service as many times as you want. If what you are looking for is an option that allows you to get content in batches, things are really complicated -since there is not much for Facebook-. One final detail: there is a FDown shortcut extension that is compatible with Microsoft’s Chrome and Edge browsers. >