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How to download the photos you have in iCloud on iPhone phones

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Of the options that exist to free up space on iphone or iPad tablets, there is the possibility of sending multimedia content to your iCloud account. This is very safe and its performance is fantastic. But sometimes you have to get something back and you’re not sure how to do it. We show you what you have to do to achieve it. The truth is that there are several ways to do this, but we believe that the use of the Photos application that is included in the iPhone is the most effective and intuitive. Therefore, it is the one that we are going to use so that you can download the video or photos that you want from all the ones that you have stored in iCloud. Of course, first it is interesting to know what everything you have in the cloud service occupies or, failing that, the content you want to download specifically. To do this, access the platform with this link and, once you are inside providing your credentials, access the menu at the top right and select Account Settings. Enter Storage and you can get an idea of ​​​​what you have been leaving in iCloud over time. Steps to download your contents from iCloud with the iPhone We leave them to you after this paragraph and, yes, you should know that what you do can also be done on iPad tablets, so there is no specific restriction between Apple mobile devices. By the way, first of all, remember that you will have to make room for what you download… otherwise you will have problems carrying out the process yes or yes. This is what you have to do: Open the Settings of your iPhone in the usual way, the gear icon is an example of what we say. Now, in the list that appears, you will see your name in the upper area, and you must click on it. In this way, you access the options of your Apple ID. Press among those that you see the call iCloud and, then, the one that has the name Pictures. Activate the slider called Photo in iCloud to perform the synchronization, and then select Download and keep originals. Now you have to wait and, yes, you better be on a WiFi network to speed up the process. You have finished. The truth is that simplicity is the predominant note and, therefore, you will not find anything that is complex in the process. Obviously, once you have what you need and do what you had in mind with it, you can proceed to delete it from the iPhone, since you left the originals in iCloud. >

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