How to download free music on Android without having to install applications

In the same way that we can find applications with which to download music on the mobile, we can also we find methods to do it without having to install anything. And these go through doing it via the web, being in the end with a methodology very similar to that of the apps.

All this in order to be able download royalty free songs. And it is that these are the most interesting because they are the ones that will allow you to use them in videos and professional projects as they do not have copyright rights that prevent it, thus making it a legal process.

Music banks that allow you to download music without rights

Just as we find royalty-free photo banks, we can also find websites that allow downloading of copyright-free music with long lists of varied themes. Below are the most outstanding ones that you can access with your own mobile browser.

YouTube Library

Youtube Library

A very unknown part of YouTube is that they offer a library for creators in which you can access a list of thousands of tracks in which we find from full songs to sound effects. All tracks are categorized as Royalty Free and are grouped by genre and mood.



If we enter we can access a list of 200 songs of different themes. They have been created by independent artists and producers and are offered completely free of charge to users. By accessing its catalog section, they can be downloaded quickly and some can even be taken to Spotify.

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beatpick is a web page that gives access to a wide list of tracks of all themes completely free. It should be said that, as we can read in his homeare specialized in offering music for television or film projects, highlighting clients such as 20th Century Fox, Samsung or Puma.

Websites that allow you to download music without rights from YouTube

In this other section we find web pages that allow you to download the audio track of YouTube videos, these being oriented towards downloading royalty-free content. are all free tools and that, despite having advertising banners, they work quite well and in a similar way between them.


Don’t let the name of this page mislead you, since it’s not really an app, but a webapp hosted at In it we find some simple instructions for use that are really very simple. Enough with paste the YouTube video link at the top and hit the button Seek. Then the video will be processed and a download button will appear.



In we find an interface similar to the previous one, having to paste the video link in the search engine. The difference here is that there is the possibility of downloading it in video or audio. For video there are several formats in mp4, depending on the resolution that we want to download. From mp3, on the contrary, there is only one possibility.

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Another webapp is the one found at, an interface that, although with advertising, is extremely simple and functional from the mobile. It is in the end one more option, since the method is the same, having to paste the url of the video in question and click on start. Here are offered various mp3 audio download formats.

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