How to download and save Instagram videos

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Instagram is that place where we go to gossip photos, entertain ourselves with Stories and watch videos. We usually forget those images within a few minutes and never see that video again. But it may happen that we want to preserve that image beyond the obsolescence to which it is condemned on Instagram. To do this, you must learn to download videos from the social network to store them then on your mobile or your PC.

You can download Instagram videos by recording the screen or through external apps

The Instagram app does not offer many facilities to download and save a video. To do this, you have to know the necessary tricks, since the native operation of Instagram is not enabled for it. It is also possible to download the photos published on Instagram.

Here we explain different ways you can follow to download and save Instagram videos.

-Enter the video: It may be that you want to download the video that you just watched Instagram, or that you remember one from a few weeks ago and want to have it on your mobile. The first thing to download is to enter the video to play it. Once you’ve done it, you have two ways to download it:

-Record screen: This procedure is kind of like a screenshot. The difference is that, instead of being limited to one image, it records everything that appears on the screen for a period of time. How to record the mobile screen? It will depend on the operating system you use:

On the iPhone this can be done by pulling the menu up and clicking on the icon of a red dot within a red circle, next to the battery icon. After clicking on it, go back to Instagram and play the video. Once you are done, pull down the menu again and click on the same icon again. Doing so will automatically save the video to your gallery. Then you can edit it to your liking.

If you have a phone with an Android 11 or higher operating system, you can also record the screen. Scroll down the settings menu and you will see that one of the icons, very similar to the iPhone, says “Record screen”.

-External apps: In addition to the screen recording method, you can also download Instagram videos using apps for that purpose. With these you can download the content as if it were a video from Facebook or YouTube, simply by copying the link in the box. In general, it is better and more comfortable to use these apps or programs from the computer than from the mobile. Some of the most used websites to download videos are DreDown or KeepPost.