How to do a reverse image search on mobile

mobile apps
mobile apps
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Mobile apps

A reverse image search allows, starting from an original image (or the URL from which it comes), to carry out a search for other related images. Something that from the computer and with the use of Google’s own image search engine can be solved by clicking on the small camera icon in the search bar, but the procedure changes if it is carried out from a mobile device.

Image search on mobiles requires the Google Chrome browser app to be installed

In this case it will be essential install Google’s Chrome browser, the app being available for both iOS and Android of this already veteran browser in constant evolution.

The procedure is very simple. Once an image is found (when navigating from the aforementioned Google Chrome) of which you want to locate its origin or other similar ones, it is enough to hold down your finger on the image itself until a menu appears at the bottom of which offers the option «Search this image on Google«.

Activating this option automatically opens the intelligent search for Google images with which the desired result will be obtained.

In addition to this method, there are some applications that are specialized in carrying out image searches:

-Google Reverse Image: From the “Upload Images” option, you can select the image stored on the mobile whose search you want to undertake, showing the available results. Available on iOS and Android.

-Reverse Image Search: His specialty is working with scanned images, that is, they are no longer stored on the mobile itself but appear on another screen that can be photographed from the user’s smartphone or are printed on paper. Available only on Android.

-Search by Image: It works both by choosing images from the mobile gallery and capturing images with the camera. Improve the results obtained in portraits of people with respect to the Google search engine itself. Available only on Android.