How to display a smartphone screen on a PC?

for all these reasons windows pcs are still better than.jpg
for all these reasons windows pcs are still better than.jpg

Do you want to display your smartphone screen on your PC but you don’t know how? No matter, here we present several quick and easy methods that will allow you to display your phone screen on your computer.

This is an operation that is a little less known than the others but it can nevertheless prove essential. Indeed, many users may, at some point, need to project their mobile screen onto their PC screen . Here, first of all, is a very quick method for Windows 10 .

Configure your Windows terminal

Before you can display your smartphone screen on your PC or your television screen , the first step will be to configure your different terminals. Whether it is your smartphone or your computer, you must always check certain prerequisites and, in addition, that your Windows has version 1607. A check that you can carry out by typing “System” in the taskbar. Then, by clicking on the “System Information” icon on the left, you will be able to determine which version of the operating system you are using. If everything is ok and the version is higher than the one previously mentioned, you can go to the first step.

Connect your devices on the same network

In the case of a PC-smartphone-Wi-Fi connection, you will need to verify that your two devices are on the same connection. To do this, you will only have to ensure that each terminal is connected to the same box. A simple step that will ensure a minimum of subsequent problems.

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Activate the connection on your PC

To connect your PC to your smartphone via  Wi-Fi , you will need to connect both your PC  and your smartphone separately. In the first case, the step will be simple.


In fact, go to the taskbar and type “Connect”, then click on the tab to your left with the same name. You will then see a blue will appear: your PC will then be ready for the connection.

Activate the connection on your smartphone

You will then need to configure your smartphone . Go to your phone’s settings, in the “Wireless Networks” section. Then, click more. Here you will see a tab with several modes, including Airplane mode, for example. Click (usually under mode ) to “Wireless display”. Here, you will only have to activate the option to also configure your smartphone.

Your desktop should appear below. Here is the last step: click on Desktop – (Name of your PC). The projection should be done within a few seconds. A rather easy and quick projection in short.


Other methods to display smartphone screen on PC

Configuration via being particularly more current, today where a simple Wi-Fi connection will allow you to connect. Even more so with the from the  smartphone , which will allow you, both on public transport and in a public place, to share your screen on your PC, on a train or in a café for example.