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How to Disconnect VPN from iPhones Quickly and Easily

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How to Disconnect VPN from iPhones Quickly and Easily

The use of VPN to access the Internet is positive on many occasions, since, among other things, it provides a layer of security and privacy that would not be achieved otherwise. Therefore, on some occasion it may be necessary to disable its operation in, for example, the iPhone. We tell you how to achieve it so that you always have the experience you want at all times.

Some websites give navigation problems when they are accessed with a vpn activated, since they slow down and even cannot open. Even various cloud services, such as video services, may experience malfunctions for this reason. If this is something that affects you with your iPhone, what you have to do is to disable the security gateway that you use by default, albeit temporarily so that you always get the best possible user experience.

This is how you disable the VPN on Apple iPhone phones

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Getting this is enough easy, since the Cupertino company has established a process to achieve it that does not have excessive complications. In addition, everything is safe, but you must be clear that the privacy you access on the Internet is reduced. And, also, the protection you have when browsing is reduced a bit. But the truth is that sometimes this is indispensable to be able to enter websites. You have to take the following steps:

  • Access the smartphone Settings in the usual way, such as with the gear-shaped icon between the applications. Now, you have to find a section called General.
  • Among the possibilities that you will see on the screen, there is one called VPN and device management. Give it use and then select VPN to access the specific section to manage this on the iPhone.
  • What you have to do next is click on the slider that is active and green, so that it turns off and shows a gray hue. This confirms that the VPN is no longer active.
  • Once this is done, you have finished and, therefore, some pages should stop giving you problems.
iPhone in one hand with the screen active

As it is logical to think, to change the situation and that the VPN work again follow the same steps. But, in the last one, what you have to do is put the slider on the active side. Consequently, you can power off and on as many times as you want without any problem in the operation of the iPhone.


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