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How to disable car accident detection on iPhone 14

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One of the new functions that the iPhone 14 -in all of them-, is to offer detection of car accidents. By using the sensors that are included in smartphones, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope, this is possible. And, obviously, it is a most interesting function. But it doesn’t always work as it should, and if this can happen you may want to temporarily disable it. We show you how to get it.

Cases have already been known in which this tool, which works without the user having to do anything, has caused problems. One example is that some emergency services in the US that are close to amusement parks have been known to receive SOS messages of people who have an iPhone 14 and who had -supposedly- suffered a car accident. Actually, what happened is that they were mounted on a roller coaster. And, this is one of the cases where disabling the feature can be a good idea.

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This is how you disable accident detection on iPhone 14

If this is something that you do not know how to achieve, the truth is that, as you are going to verify, it is quite easy (Although it is true that it could be even more if there was a direct access in the Control Center of the iPhone). But surely in less than a minute you will have everything disconnected and, therefore, there will be no problems of unwanted messages to the emergency services. You have to do the following:

  • Go into iPhone Settings as usual. One way to achieve this is by using the icon that exists in the list of applications that you have installed on your phone.
  • Now look for a section called Emergency SOS, which is where the element that allows you to disable the detection we are talking about is located.
  • In the new screen that appears you will see that there is an option called Call after car accident. This is the one you have to disable to avoid problems. Click on it and you will see that it turns gray.
  • This done, you are done. Obviously, you can enable the function at the time you consider it appropriate by following the steps that we have indicated, so the change is not definitive at all, but it does prevent you from having the problem of sending a false SOS without meaning to.
Crash notice message on iPhone 14

As you have seen, it is not complicated at all to get the accident detection to work exactly how you want. And so Apple has made a good work with the iPhone 14 in this case.


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