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How to disable automatic One Touch payments in Paypal

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The Internet has changed our lives a lot, to the point that more and more people go online to buy all kinds of products or use their mobile phones to pay on a daily basis. In this sense, Paypal is one of the most popular platforms used by this type of users who go to the Internet or to the technology of their mobile phones to make all kinds of payments. If you are a user of the platform and you want disable One Touch in Paypal, we show below how to do it step by step.


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One of the main functions of Paypal is One Touch, something unknown to many but which is being used by many users, since it facilitates the identification or login process while protecting us from possible fraud.

What is One Touch and how it works

It is a function that Paypal offers users for their use as an option and that allows make purchases quickly at the same time that protects all our financial information stored on the platform. By logging into Paypal, whether with our mobile phone, from a laptop, desktop or tablet, we can choose to keep the session open to streamline the payment process to all eligible vendors. In addition, this way we avoid having to remember and write the password.

In this way, once we have activated the service to keep the session open in our Paypal account, when we go to pay from a device and the same browser on future purchases, the login screen will be skipped. Activating One Touch leads directly to the checkout page and therefore makes the process easier.

Paypal establishes a series of specific security recommendations for the One Touch function, such as:

  • The same device and the same browser to use One Touch.
  • If we try to update our personal information, we will be asked to let’s log in again.
  • The functionality is limited. Currently payments can be made, but you cannot withdraw money or access Paypal settings from the payment screen. This helps prevent people who may have access to a device from accessing confidential information.
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Surely the same question arises for many, what happens if my mobile is lost or stolen? In this case, what we would have to do is log in to our Paypal account and from the configuration, we proceed to modify the security settings. We can also contact the service of Customer Support to explain what happened and to help us protect our account from unauthorized use.

Activating OneTouch is that simple

Although it is an optional function, the truth is that every time we log in to Paypal, a page is displayed that the platform itself encourages us to activate One Touch. However, to complete the activation we must select the option «Keep the session open to buy more quickly»The first time we log in to make payments with PayPal.

One touch

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It is important to know that this will activate One Touch for that specific device and browser, as well as for all eligible vendors. Now, if after having activated this option, we want to deactivate One Touch in Paypal, then we show how we can do it.

How to disable One Touch in Paypal

As with activating this feature, disable One TouchTM in our PayPal account it is also very simple. For this, these are the steps to follow:

  • We are going to Paypal.
  • We log in with our user account.
  • Let’s go to our profile from the gear icon.

  • We select the tab Security Center.
  • We click on One Touch: automatic login when paying o Keep the session open to compare more quickly.
  • We will be shown a page where the devices where we have activated the function and the account with which we have linked it appear.

One touch

  • From there, we can disable One Touch on the devices that we want by simply clicking on the Deactivate option that is shown next to each one of them.

One touch

Other alternatives to disable One Touch are:

  • Call Service PayPal Customer Service.
  • Delete the cookies.
  • Change Password for PayPal to revoke One Touch’s consent.
  • PayPal can force the login screen to appear in the event of suspicious activities or accounts or if a transaction involves a higher risk.

Business account users can deactivate it by clicking on the Profile icon and selecting “Logout on all devices” from the drop-down menu.


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