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How to disable and prevent accidental purchases by Alexa voice

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When you have an Amazon smart speaker at home, it becomes so much easier to get a lot of things done without having to lift a single finger. Among this, one of the things you can achieve through an Echo Speaker is to buy the products you wantwhich either turns out to be very helpful, or ends up being quite the opposite.

We comment on this, since it is perfectly possible that accidental purchases can be made on Amazon through Alexa, whether it happens to you, or even more, to young childrenso you should consider whether in your current situation it would be better to deactivate these purchases by voice.

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In case you want to disable them, This is something that can be done very easily and will not take more than 5 minutes.so pay attention right away we will be showing you what you will have to do to deactivate purchases by voice on Amazon and thus prevent them from being made accidentally.

Basically, we have two options available: one that will disable voice purchases so that no one can make them, and another that will only allow you to make them by using a secret code, which turns out to be an effective filter to prevent accidental purchases from being made.

Steps to disable purchases through Alexa on Amazon

Avoid buying children on Amazon

– Enter the Alexa app on your mobile device.
– Click on the button Plus located in the lower right corner of the screen.
– Go to the tab Setting and then enter the Account settings.
– Enter to voice shoppingThen in purchase controls and lastly in No one.
– Press the button Yes to confirm the action and ready.

Steps so that only you can make purchases through Alexa on Amazon

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Avoid accidental purchases on Amazon

In case you do want to continue making purchases by voice but that they are carried out by you only (or by a specific person), you just have to follow the same steps that we have just mentioned, specifically up to the point of entering the area of purchase controls.

Once inside said section, you will have to click on the Anyone with voice code. There you must create a 4-digit code that will be requested each time you make a purchase, so it has to be a password that only you know. Finally, click on Save and that’s it, that will be all.

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