How to delete your TikTok account

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If you’ve grown tired of TikTok, here’s how to delete your account. This chinese short video platform has achieved this month the historic milestone of exceeding 3,000 million installations. In this way, it becomes the first app to achieve this figure without being a game or being owned by Facebook.

TikTok has become the first app to exceed 3,000 million installations without being a video game or owned by Facebook

If you want to start subtracting users from TikTok, here we explain step by step how to do it:

-Access your profile: When accessing the main page of TikTok you will see that, in the lower strip of the screen, a series of icons appear. In the lower right corner, next to the message inbox, there is an icon that says “Me”. If you click there, TikTok will direct you to your profile on the network.

-Account settings: Once you are in your TikTok profile you must click on the Right upper corner, on the three stripes placed one on top of the other. This icon will direct you to the account settings, from where you can access a series of settings.

By clicking on this icon, a tab with several stripes is displayed in full screen. The first of all, “Account settings”, is the one that interests us to delete our profile on TikTok.

-“Delete account”: The Account Settings option will redirect you to a new screen with various options regarding your email, phone number and password. At the bottom you will see an option that says “Delete account”, and that is where you should press.

-Confirm: When you click on this option, TikTok shows you an information panel that explains what it takes to delete your account on the platform. Once you have read it, click on “Continue”, at the bottom. From this moment, a period of 30 days will elapse until your TikTok account is definitively closed.