How to delete your Snapchat profile

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Although many considered it dead, this year Snapchat has continued to grow unstoppably. If at the beginning of this 2021 it exceeded 250 million daily users, shortly before the summer the app began to approaching 300 million. In addition, at that time, Snapchat launched Spotlight in Spain, a function that allows creators to earn money on the platform.

It is not enough to uninstall the mobile app to delete a Snapchat profile

Despite the growing success of this app, it may be that you have already had enough of it and are thinking of deleting your profile. First of all, you should know that simply removing the app from your mobile you will not be deleting your Snapchat account.

Here we explain the steps you must follow to that your profile disappears permanently from Snapchat:

-Before deleting Snapchat: It may be that, before deleting your profile, you want to download and save all the stored data. To do this, you will need to have your Snapchat account linked to a verified email address. In addition, you should know that this download of the data can only be done through the web, and in no case from the app.

Then open your session from the aforementioned website, which, as soon as you enter, will send you a verification code to verify your identity. Once this has been verified, enter the tab that says “My data” and then click, at the bottom, on “Send request”. After the request, a ZIP file with all your Snapchat data will arrive in your email.

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-Account settings: To start deleting the profile, you must access the account settings tab from the aforementioned website. Once inside, scroll all the way to the bottom, where you will find a yellow sign that says “Delete my account.”

-What does it mean to delete your profile ?: By clicking on that sign, the website will indicate the steps you have to follow to delete your account. It will also inform you that, in the following 30 days, you will be able to reactivate your account. After that time has elapsed, if you do not access Snapchat again, your profile will be deleted with no option to recover it.