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How to delete when leaving Microsoft Edge the cookies that are stored when browsing

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The improvements that edge has experienced as a browser are very important, so much so that it is right now the great rival of Chrome on the market. Being integrated into Windows by default and offering a very good performance, there are many who use this software, forgetting about the one offered by Google. If you wish to delete cookies when you exit each session of use, we will tell you how to achieve it. The information collected by these elements that remain hosted on the computer allow, among other things, to speed up the loading speed of some pages. But it is no less true that they reduce privacy regarding what is done while browsing. Therefore, it is more than possible that you want to end cookies, despite the fact that at first it takes a few more seconds to load a website. Luckily, at Microsoft they have thought of a way for your Edge browser to do this automatically. This is how Edge deletes cookies every time it is closed There is nothing complicated or dangerous when doing this, and the only thing that is lost is what we indicated before regarding the speed of starting a web load. Therefore, if this does not worry you, you can very easily set the option that exists in Microsoft Edge to delete all cookies loaded in an Internet visit session. These are the steps you have to take: Open the browser as usual and, at the top right, you will see an icon with three horizontal dots. Click on it and, among the options that you will see, select Settings. Check in the right area and find the section called Cookies and site permissions. Give it use and, now, in the right area you will see a good number of options. Click on the first option called Manage and delete cookies and site data Now scroll to the bottom area and find Delete on exit. Use the Add button if you want to add a specific place, so that the selection is perfectly personalized. If you want them all to be deleted, click the Clear browsing data on close link. On the new screen that you will see, activate the Cookies and other site data slider. By doing this, you have finished and, therefore, you have completed the process. Obviously, if you wish you can reverse everything you have done by disabling the options you have activated. If you do this, everything is stored and, consequently, browsing will be faster, but privacy will be less. Up to you. >

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